Eglomise mirrors

In addition to its inevitable practical function, a mirror has an aesthetic view. Until just a few hundred years ago, to see one’s image in a mirror was the privilege of the rich, and some members of the upper classes wanted it so badly that they even sold their land in order to afford a mirror in their palace. At that time, it was much more than just a practical thing. It had a status and was considered a benchmark of wealth, and a matter of prestige. The mirror was much more expensive than the painting, which must not have pleased Sandro Bottichelli.
The mirror as a work of art has never been at a point in the historical timeline, and as a material it has been of constant interest to artists. The art was usually limited to spectacular mirror frames, which were not only elaborately carved but also gilded.
Mirrors were made using various metals such as mercury until the 19th century. When a mirror got wet, it would be pockmarked with spots that sometimes resembled a drawing. Nowadays, these works of art are created safely and professionally using the Verre Eglomise technique.
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