Let’s move away from the practical view of the mirror and concentrate on its aesthetics…
The use of the mirror as an interior element has been very widespread, and in Lithuania it has been used since the 17th century. Here, too, it has a dual function – to decorate or to adjust. While elaborate mirror frames are, of course, decorative, mirrors hung or placed in strategic locations can enlarge a space, brighten it naturally, and change the shape of certain interior elements.
Like a mirror, Verre Eglomise tiles will give your home interior a sense of uniqueness, originality, exclusivity, style and luxury. Decorate your home with decorated tiles or adapt your space to your heart’s desire! Combine these tiles with our paintings, switches or furniture.

The bathroom is a particularly personal place where we are naked in every sense, which is why it has to be so close to our personal perception of beauty. The Verre Eglomise bathroom tiles will create a luxurious and exclusive look for your secret escape room.

Have you noticed that guests’ visits often end here? In the kitchen. This area of your home has a magical and inexplicable attraction. Make your kitchen a place where it’s not only easy to rotate between pots and pans, but also have something nice to look at. The kitchen tiles decorated using the technique of Verre Eglomise exude an elegant luxury that will make your kitchen an exclusive corner of the house.

Marble has always been associated with luxury and impeccable taste. It is a timeless classic still used today in both exterior and interior design.

Verre Eglomise imitation marble tiles will give your space a luxurious elegance and subtle exclusivity.

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