Mirror frames

In the 17th century, the mirror was deprived of its practical function and was moved into the decoration section. What made the mirror a unique interior detail that adorns the palace? Its shape and, of course, its frame. And they were truly spectacular: from wood carvings of indescribable beauty to works of art in silver or gold.

In many cultures, wood is associated with the hearth and security of the home, which is why it is so important and often irreplaceable. The wooden frames can be completely modest or elaborately carved, or even thinner or larger than the painting itself. They can blend in and become part of the work.

Plastic painting frames are light and practical. They are not deformed by environmental factors such as humidity. This is especially important if your home is located in a marine climate zone or if the product hangs in the bathroom.

Timeless classic and luxury that blends with the artwork and is completely versatile. Metal frames fit almost any interior style.

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