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Since ancient times the mirror has conveyed a tremendous mystical emotion, and has been entwined with magical stories: the magic mirror knows who is the most beautiful in the world; if you approach it carelessly, it will draw you in and take you to a parallel reality, as it did with Alice; the labyrinth of mirrors will confuse us, and the kingdom of crooked reflections will make you laugh to tears. Finally, apart from its practical side, eglomise mirrors became famous as interior details. That’s what a mirror is.

As far as history is concerned, mirrors have been used since time immemorial. Dark bodies of water were the first to show it the image of a human being, and later, the use of polished, dark-coloured stone such as obsidian or other rocks of volcanic origin was introduced.

In the metal age, stone was replaced by polished bronze, silver or copper sheets. Do you remember how Perseus protected himself from the gaze of Medusa, the Gorgon that would turn everything to stone? He looked at her image on a copper panel. The ancient Greeks already knew the magical power of the mirror at that time.

The mirror as we know it more or less dates back to the Middle Ages. Its production was perfected during the Renaissance, and the industrial revolution led to a new level of industrial and mass production. But even the mass-produced mirror has not lost its magic.

Lately eglomise mirror became a piece of art and conquered many hearts by turning themselves into stunning interior details.

It is because of this indescribable sense of magic and mysticism that we became interested in mirrors and got involved in their world, where we have been producing handmade interior details for some time to create an exclusive, luxurious and unique style for your home.
In our studio, using the art technique of Verre Eglomise, mirrors are transformed into luxurious works of art and amazing interior details, such as paintings, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, switch plate finishes, and furniture pieces. Using Eglomise mirror technique, we can even obtain marble imitation for tiles. You can also find mirrors frames at our e-eshop.

We invite you to visit the SHINY LABYRINTH gallery! Take a look at our standard products section, and if you want something unique, we will create a bespoke piece to decorate your home.

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